Will You Live Together Till Your Death?

Will You Live Together Till Your Death?

Will You Live Together Till Your Death? – Loving and living together make a wonderful life. If a couple is in deep love with each other, and loyal with the commitment of staying together till death, it will be a beautiful life.

After all, we want relationships that survive. We want relationships that help us grow in life, fight the odds, and enjoy life.

Is this possible? The trend is to separate if there is any mismatch. How is it possible to find a partner with whom one can blissfully spend life together forever?

Will You Live Together Till Your Death?

To have such a blessed life, the first need is of caring for each other. When we genuinely care for the other person, we forgive a lot, we tolerate a lot and we adjust everything. The central reason is care.

I care for my spouse. I love him/her and I know about all the habits that I hate and everything that is not very lovable

. But my love and care looks away from all this and looks towards only one thing- care. Does a mother ever think of separating from her child? No- because she cares. And equally or rather more importantly, she can never imagine doing this.

Can you think of your partner in the same way? In the journey of life, you will come across many persons of opposite sex who will look much better suited than your partner.

Will you entertain that possibility of leaving your partner? If you decide not to, you can overcome all such temptations.

Expectations also play a big role in a relationship. We expect and when we don’t get, we are disappointed. We may get angry and if the anger persists, separation results.

The best way is to spell out all your expectations. Point out whenever you feel they are not being met and try to ignore as many situations as you can when your expectations are not being met. Sounds complicated? It is rather simple. As you expect, your partner also expects. You may think of yourself as a perfect human being, but you are not. So the mistakes will occur on both the sides. What should be done?

First, ignore, and if not possible, point out and if still not changed, bear and forgive. But decide to live together because you care. Genuine love can beat all the obstacles on its path.

If both of you are in genuine love that binds you together, nothing can ever separate you. If you are in deep and genuine love, decide to overcome all the obstacles on the way and you will be able to do that easily..


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